Hello, I'm Zoë and I love to play with my food. I'm a Wellington-based chef, freelance recipe developer and food stylist. 

I was diagnosed with IBS six years ago and have been managing this with a low-FODMAP diet for the past 4 years, so most of the recipes here will be low-FODMAP, with maybe a few curveballs when I make cake for friends. I like finding ways to make food delicious despite it not containing dairy (which I also can't eat), or much else. 

When I am not in the kitchen, I'm probably drinking coffee, knitting or climbing up a hill. 

I am not a dietician - just a person with IBS. If you follow the low-FODMAP diet then you know that everyone has different levels of intolerance to FODMAPs, some people can be very relaxed with their diet while others have to be a lot more strict. The other thing with the low-FODMAP diet is that it is constantly evolving as researchers discover that different ways of preparing foods makes them more palatable for our guts. I find the best way to keep up with this info is through the Monash University low-FODMAP app - and then test for myself to see if that food agrees with me. I do my best to create recipes that are safe for low-FODMAP eaters, but I might fail sometimes, because I'm a human and this low-FODMAP game is ever-evolving.